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Hamza Haq in Transplant. Photo: Yan Turcotte, Courtesy of CTV


Keep Canada on our Screens

Our call to action for 2020
By David Sparrow

Last year we had an impressive show of ACTRA advocacy on behalf of performers and the arts in Canada. Alongside our domestic producers and creators, we’ll continue our work with our new Parliament to Keep Canada on our Screens.


ACTRA performers set the stage for 2020

By Marie Kelly

Content creation is in demand and that includes your performances. Hear how our agreements set the stage for our power as a union



By Sugith Varughese

Transplant stars Hamza Haq and Ayisha Issa talk about being cast in the new Montreal-shot CTV series and about being diverse performers in Canada.


State of Gay:
Being Queer in ACTRA & on Canadian TV

By David Gale
Queer performers in our union have had enough of the status quo and are looking for change, now.
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A Renaissance man, a chameleon, a name

By Tristan D. Lalla

This candid interview helps us understand what it takes to be one of the videogame industry’s hardest-working performers.


Catherine O’Hara
2020 ACTRA National Award of Excellence

Catherine shares her advice for comedic performers, the actors who have been the most fun to work with and how people are just funny whether they know it or not.



Celebrating our members’ recent achievements including Marshall Bingham, Ben Cotton, Jonathan Dubsky, Lesley Ewen, Noreen Golfman, Jean Freeman, Andy Jones, Ruth Lawrence, Erin Mathews, Daniel Rindress-Kay, Michelle Thrush, Steven Roberts, Nathaniel Shuker, Camille Sullivan, Mel Tuck, Jean Yoon and Eli Zagoudakis.



John Evans
Ken Gorin
Margo MacKinnon


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