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New NED, New Helpline, Next Government
By David Sparrow

Catch up on what’s new with YOUR union in 1,000 words... David welcomes our new National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator Marie Kelly, explains our new cancon opportunities for the upcoming federal election, shares an update on our new national ACTRA-DGC helpline and the new



Introducing Marie Kelly, your new National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator
By Keith Martin Gordey

Labour, bargaining, and relationship building. Keith’s candid interview with our new NED Marie Kelly as she hits the ground running in her new role at ACTRA.



By Marshall Williams

How the feature film Stand! inspired this Canadian actor to make his hometown of Winnipeg home again.


Ask a Casting Director

By Daniel Libman
It’s time to swing the camera around to the person behind the table and hear about what we’ve all wondered. Casting Director Rhonda Fisekci… It’s time for your close-up.
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Creating a cultural shift

... one step at a time
By Theresa Tova

ACTRA’s commitment to making our workplaces safer means our work will continue on many fronts, one step at a time.



Changing the conversation
By Angela Moore

Spoiler alert! These diversity and inclusion East-Asian, Middle-Eastern/North-African roundtable videos dig deep, educate, inspire and speak to all of us as artists.


Ready, Set… Introduce Yourself!

By Lisa Blanchette
Lobbying is about telling your story to decision-makers. With the federal election around the corner, it’s assuring to know the telling of stories is something Canadian performers do very well.
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Noreen Golfman

ACTRA National Woman of the Year

In her 30 years as founding director and chair of the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival, Noreen Golfman says the landscape for gender equality has only recently started shifting but not quite fast enough.



Celebrating our ACTRA members’ recent achievements

Celebrating our ACTRA members’ recent achievements to include the ACTRA Awards in Montreal, Maritimes and Toronto, Canadian Screen Awards, Alberta Rosie Awards, Sam Payne Awards, Daytime Emmy Awards and Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards.



John “Frenchie” Berger
Victor Knight
Gino Morrocco


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